Edge Of The Empire: All That Glitters

Experience Plan and Character Planning

In case any of you want to have an idea of what the experience progression is going to be like so you can plan out your character, here is a rough idea of what to expect:

100 xp @ ~ week 4
300 xp @ week 12 
600 xp @ ~ week 25 
1000 xp @ ~ week 47 
1,500 xp @ week 83 

The above totals are estimates only, but should be close. I have a plan set up for the minimum amount of xp I will be awarding each week, and amounts figured out for completing minor and major plot points. Chances are we will be hitting those milestones sooner than that if the group really focuses, but I am estimating a new heist every four weeks. 

Minor plot points are worth 5 xp, and include finishing research for a heist, finishing an essential stage of the heist, completing a chase, or successfully handling an obligation. 

Major plot points are worth 10 xp, and include finishing a heist, paying off an obligation, defeating a major foe, or completing a story arch. 

The least you will be awarded in a session is 5 xp, and the most is 30 xp. 

If you want to plan ahead, I recommend using the milestones presented above. Try to be specific for everything leading up to the next milestone, while being less and less specific as you look to future milestones. 

For example, if you have finished doing character creation but do not have any earned xp, your next milestone is 100 xp. Plan out what how you are going to spend that xp ahead of time, picking out talents, skills, and specializations when you do so. For the 300 milestone you could pick out some of the talents and skills you want to purchase before reaching it, but don't feel pressured into planning everything leading up to it. The 600 milestone should be very vague and open, but it might help to know what second specialization to focus on and if you want a signature ability. You really don't need to think about 1,000 or 1,500, as those are so far away you are certain to change your mind by the time you reach them. 

I hope this helps. As always, if you need help with any part of the game, such as planning ahead, just let me know.


CalebTGordan CalebTGordan

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