Edge Of The Empire: All That Glitters

Elements of the Campaign

The character creation session started with us figuring out what type of game everyone wanted to play, going through a series of question that allowed the players to pick out elements they wanted to see in play. The following is the result of their discussion.

What TV Show/Movie should I look to for inspiration?
The Fast and The Furious (3 – 5)

What encounters do the players want to see the most?

What encounters would the players want to see the least:

Which fictional character would the party look up to the most if they existed in Star Wars?

What elements of a heist is the group most looking forward to?
The rare opportunity
The double-cross
The crazy stunt

What sort of things is the crew looking to steal?
Unique Starships or vehicles 
The hearts of the opposite sex 

What does the crew do between jobs?
Lying low in paradise 
Getting the best gear 
Making connections 

What are your main foe's best qualities?
Cunning Intellect
Deep connections 


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