Edge Of The Empire: All That Glitters

Attention Players!

This is a test...

Thank you for playing this game with me and getting set up on this website. Here is where we are going to be doing any major online activity. I will also be setting up information in the Wiki and posting some supplemental material. 

Please take the time to set up your character. To do so go to Characters on the left hand menu bar and click the little plus sign above the search bar. Once there, you can use the Dynamic Style Sheet option and pick Star Wars: EotE – Automated option to have a form fillable character sheet to place all of your character information. 

I am going to require that you put the Background Sheet information in the Biography section. Use the Heading 2 for each section heading, using the examples below as a guide.


[The instinct you have picked]


[The belief you have picked]


[The motivation you picked]


[Your obligations]


Once you have set things up you should be ready to go! Add as much information as you want and be sure to come back and update everything as the game progresses. Every little bit will help me make the game awesome.


Should we sumerize the information in the back ground?

Attention Players!
Try to set it as much as you can like the background sheet.

Species: Home Planet: Age:

Obligation 1 (Cost: )
Obligation 2 (Cost: )
Obligation 3 (Cost: )

Question 1:
Question 2:
Question 3:
Question 4:
Question 5:

Attention Players!

okay cool

Attention Players!
CalebTGordan CalebTGordan

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