The galaxy is at war once again. Alderaan was reduced to dust and asteroids by one shot from the Empire's Death Star. Fortunately the Rebel Alliance struck back and miraculously destroyed the dooms day weapon that threatened the whole galaxy. Everything is in chaos, but for some this is an opportunity. With the Imperials crippled and dealing with rebels plenty of systems are seeing lighter security. People across all of the lines are finding new grudges and rivals they would like to see taken down a peg. With the loss of Alerdaan and ISB's tighter control on artifacts certain goods are becoming more valuable. Everyone is sensing a shift in power and looking to set themselves up for when it flips, or shore themselves up for when it goes wrong. It might be an ugly time, but for some it is a time when everything glitters of opportunity and riches.

Edge Of The Empire: All That Glitters

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